Top 5 Pet Friendly Condo in Bangkok Near BTS/MRT

Not many condo or apartment in Bangkok are pet friendly. That’s why MoveToBangkok is selecting the top 5 pet friendly condo in Bangkok for you to get some idea before moving to Bangkok. There are actually more pet friendly condo than this. But we selected the one that’s easy for you to get to BTS or MRT.

Let’s talk about the Thai’s nature a little bit. It’s not that common to bring pets to condo or apartment in Bangkok. Not just in condo or apartment, but also in restaurants and shopping malls. Well, you can bring your pets in public but you have to take care of them quite well, especially in restaurant. Most of Thai people are not familiar with having a meal with pets.

But don’t take this wrong! Thai people love pets and most of them have pets at their house. They just separate pets and human in some activities, such as we don’t eat with pets and sleep with pets.

Before we start, if you have a problem with choosing a condo and have no idea which area suits you most, we recommend you to read How to Choose a Condo in Bangkok. We selected top 4 areas with the characteristic and pros of each for you to gather some useful informations.

How pet friendly apartments are different than others condo in Bangkok?

Mostly it’s about the facilities that can serve you and your lovely pets and the regulations. There are 2 main issues to concern for a pet friendly condo.

  1. The noise: A pet friendly condo usually have a thicker and sound-prove wall.
  2. The hygiene: A pet friendly condo usually have an area for you to bring your pet for a walk and a potty area. 

So the design, facilities and regulation of pet friendly condo are made to support these issues. However, the common fee for a pet friendly condo and apartment could be a bit higher than normal condo. But if you have decided to stay in a condo for rent in Bangkok that is pet friendly, you might not have to pay for common fee since the room owner would have to take care of this for you (depends on the contract).

Pet friendly condo near BTS

M Jatujak

400 m. from BTS Saphan Kwai

pet friendly condo apartment Bangkok M Jatujak
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Allow to have pets that weight lesser than 15 kg.

M Jatujak by Major Development is not too far from Chatuchak Market. It’s just 400 m. from BTS Saphan Kwai. Or 500 m. from BTS and MRT Chatuchak. So it’s quite convenience for you to get on BTS or MRT in just few minutes of walk. 

I’ve been to this condo once. The concept of this condo is an urban forrest, full of trees and nature. Even though the traffic outside it busy, but you will feel a refreshment when you walked into the condo.

Google Map:

Maru Ekkamai 2

4 minutes walk from BTS Ekkamai

pet friendly condo apartment Bangkok maru ekkamai 2

Only allow 1 pet for 1 unit of room. And the weight must be lower than 20 kg. Allow pets to get into a service elevator. Not allow to take pet to the pool area.

Maru Ekkamai 2 is another condo by Major Development that is close to Ekkamai. From there, it’s very close to Thong Lo, where you can fond food and nightlife, and shopping mall, e.g. Emporium and EmQuartier.

However, the environment around the condo is not that noisy because it’s surrounded by office buildings and regular restaurants.

Google Map:

The Monument Thong Lo

900 m. from BTS Thong Lo

This one is a luxury condo by Sansiri located at Thong Lo, where many luxury restaurants and shops are. Many Japanese expat live around there so you can find many good Japanese restaurant around Thong Lo. The condo environment is very private.

The condo has a private elevator that is called a “destination lift” that will only on your floor. There are many premium facilities and services, such as butler service, valet parking, and limo service for 24 hours.

There is a service elevator for pets. And there’s a dog part for you and your pets to relax and exercise.

Google Map:

Pet friendly condo near MTR

Maru Ladprao 15

50 m. from MRT Ladprao

The pet regulations for Maru Ladprao 15 is similar to Maru Ekkamai 2 that only allow 1 pet for 1 unit of room. And the weight must be lower than 20 kg. Allow pets to get into a service elevator. Not allow to take pet to the pool area.

The condo located at Ladprao 15 which is super close to MRT Ladprao. From there, you can take MRT only 1 station to Central Ladprao. Amd from Central Ladprao, you can get on BTS Sukhumvit line that heads to many popular location like Chatuchak, Siam, Thong Lo and Ekkamai.

Google Map:

Maestro 19

650 m. from MRT Ratchadapisek

pet friendly condo apartment Bangkok maestro 19

Maestro 19 located at Ratchadapisek Road. This condo has a special area for your pets to come to relax and exercise. The concept of this condo is an industrial loft. It’s just 2 MRT stations away from Central Ladprao, a shopping mall. And from MRT Central Ladprao station, you can get on BTS Sukhumvit line as well.

Google Map:


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