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Top 5 Pet Friendly Condo in Bangkok Near BTS/MRT

Not many condo or apartment in Bangkok are pet friendly. That’s why we are…

Luxury condo in Bangkok. Which location is the best?

Are you planning to rent a luxury condo but you have no idea what is the different between each locations? Which location would be the best for you? Leet’s see the insight!

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condo vs apartment bangkok

Condo vs Apartment in Bangkok. Which on should I rent?

You must know that condo and apartment in Thailand are totally different. The differences include lifestyle, environment, feeling and more, which absolutely depends on your objective and how you like.

Looking for a condo for rent in Bangkok?

1. For business or pleasure?

What is your main objective of moving to Bangkok? The answer to this question will lead you to which location should you select.

2. Location

If it's for business, condo near BTS or MRT is the most important. Otherwise, it should be close to your office. If it's for pleasure, condo near BTS Sukhumvit line or Silom line would be convenience for you to explore Bangkok. However, there are more transit lines to be launched soon!

3. People you stay with

Are you staying alone, with your mate or you family? There are many type of properties in Bangkok, e.g. studio condo, 1-2 bedroom condo, high-rise condo, low-rise condo or event a house.

4. Money in you pocket

Monthly income or money in your pocket will help you decide which property really suits your need. Whether it's the one in an alley, a village or right next to the BTS station.

Moving to Bangkok is exciting! Read tips from us to prepare for your journey.

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